Thursday, March 12, 2009

Defend Yourself Against Your Partner's Passive Aggressive Behaviors!

Perhaps you don't have a name for this behavior, but are anyhow upset and saddened by this lack of cooperation from your hubby. When you expect that both are going to share in the best cooperative style the household chores, you find yourself doing 90% of them...and receiving a bunch of well crafted excuses from him.

In how many ways is passive aggression affecting you and your marriage? You can have your partner doing something like this:

"Forgetting" on purpose to do an errand you are counting on;

Failing to do his share of the house chores; or doing sub-standard work on purpose so you need to take over and finish the task;

Having a constant critical, negative and non constructive attitude towards planning your life together;

Mentioning and critizicing your faults (behind your back) to your parents or friends while maintaining a "sweet face" toward you.

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