Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Defend yourself from Passive Aggressive behaviors!

At first glance, a passive aggressive individual doesn't come across as too angry or acting with a hidden agenda. They appear quite friendly, unassuming and benevolent.

However, after interacting with this style of behavior, you often feel frustrated, offended, guilty or angry. Or depressed, if you have to listen to their always negative view of existence! While not your intention, you may think you did something wrong, but aren't quite sure what it was.

Many relationships, and most counseling professionals, have encountered this inconsistent behavioral pattern. It can be very confusing and often thought of as "crazy-making,” because passive aggressive behavior expresses negative feelings, resentment and anger in an unassertive, almost hidden and passive way.
We are beginning now to think in the multiple ways people can defend from this hidden aggression tactics. Of course, you need first to be aware of when the PA person is doing something to you that will hit you later. And then you need to have a clear view of what you want from the relationship, to be able to put a stop to that relationship wrecker attitude.

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