Sunday, January 17, 2010

Teleseminar about Passive Aggressive Husbands

Did you wonder if is it possible for you to do something to help your passive aggressive husband? It takes courage to go beyond the frustration and anger to see him as a good person trapped in his own old fears...and ignore the thousand frustrations he makes you go through every day.

The person that you sometimes remember as the one who could spark your love and interest, could stil be underneath his cold demeanor? Now, is all frustration and loneliness...

Did you ever wondered how to deal with your PA husband but had no one to turn for support and advice?

Or just wanted to get someone with an external perspective to tell you how to approach a specific situation that has been troubling your mind for too long?
Or you wished to have someone from the inside, sharing with you her experiences? You have a thousand questions about how to deal with his behavior, and how to improve your daily life.

If that is the case, then we have news for you! It happens on January 19th!
In association with Ladybeams, the owner of the interesting blog named:

we will have a FREE live teleseminar offering our best strategies to improve your life!

Yes, you will have the opportunity to ask your questions, listen to the answers, type your comments and in general, share a supportive environment with other people in the same situation.

Moreover, we will talk about the launching of a new ebook, offer more tools to improve your life soon, and an important deal for all of you attending!

REGISTER and POST YOUR QUESTION HERE, so you can receive the instructions to the Teleseminar:

Waiting to hear your questions in the Teleseminar, so we can have a conversation about how to help you.


A Live 60 Minutes Teleseminar: January 19th, 2010
(BEGINS AT: 5:00 PM Pacific Time / 8:00 PM Eastern Time)


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