Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Love is not humiliation, right?

Have you suffered any public humiliation at the hands of your loved one?

There are some behaviors from our husbands or wives, correcting us in public in a demeaning way, that are totally humiliating.

We know it is wrong; we know it hurts....but, do we have a clear idea of the kind of treatment we want instead?

We have a new posting at our blog: PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE HUSBAND, the second one in the "DREAMS series. There you can check what other women responded to the question; what do you really want instead of being humiliated in public?

Remember that, as soon as you have a clear idea of what is that you want to have, it is easier to make a plan to get it! So, confusion disappears and you can ask yourself: "Now, how do I get more of what I want"?

Do you need to read it just now? Go to Passive Aggressive Husband!

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