Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine for your inner child? Why not?

This is what happened yesterday: in a general store, getting things for my kitchen, all the decor was full with different kinds of red hearts…Of course! It’s Valentine’s Day!….
Suddenly I found myself grabbing one of the balloons…and my left hand felt curiously small, kind of tiny…it would not let the balloon go as I went through the cashier. She rang everything up and I found myself walking out with a gorgeous red balloon with the “I love you” message screaming across it.
My rational mind asking: what’s going on here? why did you buy this balloon? who is this balloon for?
And the answer was loud and clear:  this balloon is for my inner child…Of course! she needs to hear from me, her adult self, that I cherish her!
As I never forgot her completely, but went through periods in which I could only remember the painful parts of her life I wanted so much to forget, now I have a better picture. I can see all her creativity, her survival skills deploying under extreme duress, emotional abuse and lack of appreciation. I can see her resourcefulness to find small joys in a bleak childhood, which translated into being a smart survivor now…
And this is a good opportunity to tell her, with all my love, that I recognize her, appreciate her tenacity and ability to resist oppression without denying the joys of life. She was a joyful survivor, never a bitter one. Always founding in a bit of sunshine, a flower, a smile, the energy to keep living, learning and dreaming a better future…Of course you are my Valentine!
To my inner child, now I’m sending this loving Valentine; you deserve it more than anybody else. Wherever the alternative time you are in now, you are in my heart, always…thanks for surviving everything and bringing me here and now!

A Valentine for your inner child? why not?

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Julie said...

I know the feeling! I bought my inner child some chocolates. My husband was sulking for some reason. Then I bought another packet for my friend who is gay and doesn't have a partner.