Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Do Men Ever Get Their Needs Met?

In the latest article of the Passive Aggressive Test blog,  I was surprised with this question:

Why is it that now so many older women are leaving their marriage past mid-life?

How do we get to this situation?

Among the steps that boys must pass through in their development into men there are two important lessons they must learn:
  • The first of these is how to be aware of their mothers’ needs. This awareness is essential for him to be able to depend on her for the satisfaction of his needs. 
  • The second step is learning how to be upset about this dependency so to prepare for his future independence.

 Now I have to admit, I had to read this twice to see clearly the opposite pulling forces..

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cconflicts said...

I could never imagine the reasons for his spiteful behavior, and now I realize it was his frustration...why he did never talk about them? looks so reasonable to me....but it was not to be; he was closed into his shell and I was forced to guess how to make hm happy. This was an impossible situation...thanks for showing some light on it!