Sunday, October 04, 2009

Setting Limits With a Passive Aggressive Husband

When dealing with a passive aggressive husband, it is easy to get frustrated. Their forgetfulness, lack of involvement, and all around negativity are bound to take a toll on you. While you may feel that it is impossible for him to change, taking one small step at a time will bring forth positive changes.

If your husband is often behaving in a passive aggressive way, you must be sure to always be direct and straightforward when speaking to him. Do not allow his passive aggressiveness to make you passive aggressive as well. Think of a defiant child.When a child misbehaves, their behavior should not be rewarded, but corrected.

A passive aggressive husband knows your weaknesses and will exploit them to his benefit. Do not fall into this trap. He is just trying to upset you and bring you down.

When setting limits with your husband, you first must decide what you would like him to change and what you are willing to live with. Realistically speaking, you will have to live with some of his quirks. Know what you absolutely need changed, and don’t be unrealistic in your expectations.

Your passive aggressive husband may want to change as well, but maybe he needs your help in doing so. Try to stay patient with him and remember that he is breaking a life long habit. Your support can make all the difference.

The passive aggressive husband will often fall back on excuses to make himself feel better. You should never accept his excuses, as doing so will only cause him to repeat this behavior even more. If your husband has a problem of constantly forgetting things, you could try asking him how it would make him feel if you behaved in that same way.

It is important to set limits with a passive aggressive husband. Remember to be realistic and stick to your limits, while limiting your expectations of what he can give to you.

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