Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Assertion is the way out of passive aggressive behavior!

Have you ever been afraid of interpersonal conflicts and their consequences? Unsure of how to respond in a way that promotes a normal, respectful interaction? Are you in a relationship where there is a lot of isolation and rejection on purpose, so you are put in a hurtful, frustrating, and confusing situation? Are you feeling hurt and lonely in an intimate relationship?

You can learn a way to confront the person who's ignoring you without making things worse.

Probably nobody taught you in the past how to assert yourself, and in this way you did not had the skills necessary to face difficult interactions....ending in a place where you feel scared, controlled or abused.

Well, here is a way to build your self-esteem and know how to respond to the silent treatment and other exclusionary tactics in a way that respects what you do need, and also takes care of the relationship.

You don't have to deny the situation you are in, to "forget" that you are feeling scared or pushed into a little corner! Now you can learn how to turn around a situation and use it for better purposes. Then, you can learn how to use these easy methods in every aspect of your life: work, family, love.

Assertion is the art of saying what you need or believe in a way that other people can hear you clearly. This ability is essential for effective problem-solving. The alternatives to assertion are submission (letting other people's needs come before yours, which will happen if you accept the cold shoulder treatment for a long time) and aggression - forcing your needs on another person without their agreement. Both are lose-lose options.

Interested in continuing this conversation? You can read more in this article, and also you can find support for your assertion project here:

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