Monday, May 27, 2013

How to Transform Emotional Abuse into Resiliency

I just Published a Kindle Book that offers a new approach to overcome abuse in relationships. 
Stopping Emotional Abuse:
the new Workbook to recover and Grow Resilience from Emotional Abuse

This new book on emotional abuse has been published on the kindle store, offering a new, different angle to the common discussion about what is emotional abuse, the definition of emotional abuse, how to understand emotional abuse in relationships, how women can recover from its impact.

In this book offers a very creative angle to frame abusive situations, as they are not destructive situations conducive to self-esteem reduction, but learning opportunities to acquire new and valuable resilience skills.

The previous “victim of emotional abuse” is here described as a survivor who is a “heroine-in-training, ” going through new milestones in the process of her own self-development.
This is a valuable and innovative approach because it takes away the painful stigma of “emotional abuse victim, ” and makes the woman a co-creator of her own experience.

Why and how she has entered into an emotionally abusive relationship is not something that “happens to her, ” but a chosen circumstance in her own self-growth path.

Using Caroline Miss’ concept of “Sacred Contract” to support a new definition of abuse. It’s like Conflict Coach is telling the reader, her sister: “Psst, don’t forget that you have chosen this experience to learn the most precious skills of resilience.,.. so hurry up to learn them so you can leave and go on to enjoy happier situations... ”

The clear progression of the self-development milestones, together with the exercises and videos included in the book and in general the positive, easy reading of the chapters, all make of this book a wonderful new tool for women who need to recover their mission in life while going through personal hell as experiencing emotional abuse in their love relationship.

Stopping Emotional Abuse:
the new Workbook to recover and Grow Resilience from Emotional Abuse

This book can transform your whole perception of the emotional abuse, and give you a new definition that empowers and motivates very necessary changes!

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